Ladies in White and Terror in Cuban


7 år etter at det brutale regimet på Cuba arresterte 75 personer som kjemper for menneskerettigheter og demokrati, marsjerer fortsatt ”Ladies in White” – mødre og koner til de politiske fangene – stille i Havannas gater. 7 år etter organiserer fortsatt Castros regime mobb som angriper de fredlige demonstrasjonene. Men vi hører ropene; “long live human rights” and “freedom for political prisoners”.


Terror in Cuban


March 18th, lead editorial in Norway’s largest newspaper, VG:


A committee in support of the journalist Normando Hernández González and other political prisoners in Cuba was recently established in the Norwegian Parliament.


Today [Thursday, March 18], the Cuban ambassador to Norway, Mr. Rogerio Santana, was invited to the Norwegian parliament to meet with the group. The ambassador chose to reject the invitation. The communist dictatorship once again demonstrated its cowardice and arrogance.


An embarrassing rationale may, however, be seen in the ambassador’s rejection of the Norwegian public servants. This committee is dangerous because it is made up across party lines. The composition of the committee makes It clear that the opposition against the Cuban regime goes beyond the political center-right. For many years, the Cuban regime has been able to blame ‘reactionary forces’ for the criticism raised against it. This committee, however, counts representatives from all seven parties [in the Norwegian parliament] among its 34 members


The committee is led by the vice chairman of the Conservative Party, Mr. Jan Tore Sanner. In addition, the board of the committee consists of the vice chair of the Christian Democrats, Ms. Dagrun Eriksen, the leader of the Liberal Party, Ms. Trine Skei Grande, Mr. Håkon Haugli from the Labour Party and Mr. Snorre Valen from the Socialist Left Party.


It is especially positive that an MP from the Socialist Left Party (SV) is a member of the committee. Snorre Valen should be commended for clearly marking that SV can be trusted when it comes to matters of democracy and human rights. His party colleague, Mr. Hallgeir Langeland from Rogaland county, has stated his ‘compassion’ for the political prisoners of Cuba by repeatedly nominating the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, to the Nobel Peace Prize.


The official explanation from the ambassador as to why he will not meet the committee is that Mr. Jan Tore Sanner from the Conservative Party will participate. According to Castro’s messenger in Oslo, Mr. Sanner is closely connected to the organized groups of Cubans in exile in Miami. The Cuban regime defines these as terrorists.


Such nonsense is nothing but a fig leaf for the ambassador. A state where tens of thousands of people have lost their lives trying to escape their own homeland has no business accusing Norwegian democrats of supporting terror.