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Menneskerettigheter/Demokrati - Cuba

News from Cuba - April through June 2009

News from the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba

Artists Protest at Havana Biennial

In April, the 10th annual Havana Biennial turned into a spontaneous protest.  Cuban artist Tania Bruguera staged a controversial piece where she set up a podium flanked by two actors dressed as uniformed members of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior and invited members of the audience to come up and speak for up to a minute.   Yoani Sanchez and other Cubans used the performance to condemn restrictions against free speech and access to the internet.


News from Cuba - January through March 2009

News from the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba


Released political prisoner

In January, Reinaldo Labrada Peña, one of the 75 political prisoners imprisoned during the Black Cuban Spring in 2003, was released. However, Reinaldo Labrada Peña’s release was due to completing his 6 year sentence in January of this year. From the original 75 members of the Cuban opposition and civil society, there are still 54 of them who have not been released, some of them in a very poor state of health. In total, there are about 210 political prisoners in Cuban prisons.